Raw materials and chemical reagents

Our department has raw materials and chemical reagents on offer, which some from leading Polish and foreign producers. We`re also extending our assortment on continuous basis.

We do our best to provide you anything you need to work – from a standardized product up to the one supplied on special order.

We provide you the ordered product to the location designated by you. Moreover, we enclose an analytical certificate and complete documentation each time to every delivery.

We collect the packaging and packaging waste left over each reagent and chemical purchased with our company. The packaging waste is then transferred to producers, importers or to the company responsible for recycling such type of waste.

To let you avoid additional costs, our warehouses are at your disposal – you do not need to store reagents in your warehouses. Informing us about your cyclical needs will allow us as well as you to execute the deliveries in the utmost economical manner.

Thanks to the co-operation with many producers and importers, we strive to prevent situations where a product may be out of stock, and even if such situation were to happen, we search for substitutions and – upon consulting with you – execute the order.

Thus, we are not bound in terms of capital with any producer and we can provide you what you need. Our department`s goal is to meet your needs at best prices; placing orders with one supplier will allow you to save time and avoid additional costs. We sincerely invite you to the co-operation.