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Krakchemia S. A. authorities


Supervisory Board


Jerzy Mazgaj

Mr. Mazgaj studied German philology at Jagiellonian University in Kraków. From November 1999 to 2016, he held the post of ALMA MARKET SA Board chairman.
 Since 2 July 2008, he has held the post of the Chairman of VRG S.A Supervisory Board (formerly : Vistula Group SA).
Jerzy Mazgaj is also the member of supervisory organs of such companies like KRAKCHEMIA S.A., W.KRUK S.A., DCG S.A., Premium Cigars Sp. z o.o. as well as CLIFFSIDEBROKERS S.A., and he is also the main stakeholder of Premium Cigars Sp. Z o.o., which is the exclusive representative of all Cuban cigar brands in Poland. Moreover, he is the main shareholder in CLIFFSIDEBROKERS S.A.

Mr. Mazgaj is a member of Rotary Club, Krakowska Kongregacja Kupiecka (Kraków Tradesmen` Congregation), Izba Przemysłowo - Handlowa w Krakowie (Trade and Industry Chamber in Kraków), Stowarzyszenie Przedsiębiorców Miasta Krakowa (Kraków City Enterpreneurs` Association) and Polski Klub Koneserów (Polish Connoisseur Club


Barbara Mazgaj

 Ms. Mazgaj graduated from Akademia Rolnicza in Kraków. From 1999 till February 2017, Mrs. Mazgaj filled the post of the member of the Supervisory Board in ALMA MARKET S.A. In years 2004 – 2007 she was Krakchemia S.A. Supervisory Board Deputy Chairperson. Since 2010, she is Krakchemia S.A. Supervisory Board Deputy Chairperson. Barbara Mazgaj is also a member of supervisory bodies of W.KRUK S.A. and DCG S.A. companies.


Władysław Kardasiński

Mr. Kardasiński is a retired professional soldier. He has secondary, administrative-legal education, officer school. In the years 2003-2016, he filled the function of Alma Market S.A. Supervisory Board member. Since 25 June 2018, he has held the post of a member of KRAKCHEMIA S.A. Supervisory Board.


Marek Hajbos

He's a graduate of Management Faculty at Uniwersytet Warszawski.

In years 2000-2005, Mr. Hajbos was the main specialist in the Parliamentary Club. In the course of fulfilling his duties he – among others –was appointed the secretary of the Club in Observers` Council of the European People`s Party in the European Parliament.

In the years 2005-2007, Mr. Hajbos was the General Director of the Ministry of Finance Bureau. In the time, he represented among others Poland at the sittings of ECOFIN Council in the European Meetings of the Ministers of Finance. He also represented the Minister of Finance in the meetings of the International Monetary Fund. He organised the work of the Ministry.

In 2008, He commenced the commercial economic activity. In the period, He co-operated among others with American concerns locating their production lines on the territory of Poland.

For four years, Mr. Marek Hajbos has held the post of RED OCEAN KZ Company Board, the company is the off-spring of Red Ocean Group. The Company is active in creating, developing and maintaining own software. The major product of the Company is roGRC platform, which amalgamates the functionalities of Administrative Control, RODO, COBIT, Risk Management. Several tens of local authorities, and central administration organs as well as commercial entities have been using the mentioned software.


Wacław Andruszko

 Mr. Andruszko graduated in 1973 from Material and Ceramics Engineering Faculty on AGH, with a title of M.Sc. Chemist-Ceramics Engineer In 1973, he underwent an engineering internship in Merone cement plant in Italy. In 1991, he participated in the training organised by the Denmark`s Industry Ministry within the scope of management, marketing and the company finances. In years 1974-1976, he worked for COBR PiB in Katowice, 1976-1992 in Biurzo Projektów Przemysłu Cementowego, Wapiennego i Gipsowego in Kraków ( the last 5 years, he filled the function of the general designer), in years 1992-1994, he was the deputy chairperson of P&B sp.z o.o Board in Kraków, 1994-1997 he was the chairperson of the Board of DANMAL S.A. In years 1997-2018, the director of IPH in Kraków.

In years 2001-2018, in various periods, he was a member of supervisory boards in the following companies: KPG sp.z o.o, CALDO-Izolacja sp.z o.o, Molteni Farmaceutici Polska sp.z o.o, and in the companies Condomi AG and P U-H Profus, he was the chairperson of the council.


The company`s board


Andrzej Zdebski – The Board Chairperson

Andrzej Zdebski – lawyer , manager, economic self-government official. Krakchemia S.A. Board Chairperson, Honorary Consul of the Republic of Chile in Kraków, Counsellor of IPH in Kraków, Member of RN KCI SA and Cliffsidebrokers SA, Member of the Board in ISS. In the past, among others: assistent in KPMP UJ in Kraków, economy and labour deputy minister, Chairperson of the Board in PAIiIZ , director in the banking sector, member of the Supervisory Board: BGK SA, BGŻ SA, Unimil SA, Zelmer SA, MPL Balice in Kraków, perennial President of IPH in Kraków.

Łukasz Adach – the Board Deputy Chairperson
The function in the Issuer`s company: Deputy Chairperson of the Board

Łukasz Adach possesses a higher, economic education. He graduated from Uniwersytet Marii-Curie Skłodowskiej w Lublinie, Uniwersytet Warszawski and IESE University of Navarra in Barcelona.
Łukasz Adach has more than twenty-year-long professional experience, obtained working in commercial banks both in Poland and abroad. For ten years now, he has been active in rendering counselling services within the areas of management, finance and restructuring.
He has a licence of restructuration counsellor, No. 1097, PRINCE-2 certificate. Mr. Adach is proficient in Polish and English. Moreover, he has the elementary skills in German, Russian and Dannish.
Łukasz Adach fills the function of the Board Chairperson in ADAH Sp. z o.o. – the company active in business counselling as well as the Supervisory Board Member in Terravita Sp. z o.o., Poznań and Dent-a-Medical S.A., Kraków.